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This floribunda stands out with its round, bushy growth and its wealth of flowers. Features large blooms grouped delicately striated with harmonious and varied shades of pink and yellow mixed, on a light green foliage which enhances the brightness of the flowers. Generous flowering with a delicate fragrance, composed of both floral and fruity notes. Very good resistance to powdery mildew and diseases.

Class: Floribunda

Habit: Upright, Bushy; 2-3 ft.

Stem Length: Medium

Foliage Color: Light green

Flower Color: Pink, yellow centered

Flower Form: Fully double

Flower Size: 3-4 inches in diameter

Petal Count: Approx. 30

Dis. Resistance: Very good

Fragrance: slightly fruity

Hybridizer: Georges Delbard Roses

Introducer: Certified Roses, Inc.