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2018 Introductions

St. Tropez™

What a color! The scrumptiously luscious almost edible apricot-orange blooms redolent with the perfume of sweet anise can easily conjure up dreams of a cool tropical cocktail and warm sandy beaches. Loads of ruffled flowers and an abundance of glossy green leaves adorn this striking Floribunda.

Le Petit Prince™

Le Petit Prince is a bouquet-making factory that’s vigorous, prolific and bushy with loads of shapely blossoms. The fabulous fragrance of this roses defies description as wisps of lemon blossom, damask rose and licorice create a unique and heady perfume.

Shirley's Bouquet™

Shirley’s Bouquet has an air of elegance inherent to white roses, clear in color and classic in form. They serve to illuminate the garden or impart subtle beauty in any vase. Each big shapely white blossom shines above an abundance of clean deep-green leaves.

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