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2020 Introductions

Marc Chagall™

A spectacular rose with large, delicately clustered flowers, with harmonious striations and various shades of pink, delicately mixed with pale yellow. The light green of the very attractive vegetation makes a colorful game with the brightness and warmth of its flowers. An exceptional rose with strong disease resistance.

Camille Pissarro™

Camille Pissarro is an unusual striped variety, combining tones of yellow, red and white. Blooms are borne in large trusses of lovely, dark green, healthy foliage. Compact habit suitable for garden borders or patio containers. The colors from the blooms will brighten
your garden.

Julie Andrews

This exquisite rose bears masses of intense pink fuchsia blooms with a bright yellow heart, producing an extraordinary perfume which is a mixture of anise, tarragon and rose. Its fresh coloring is complemented with dark green foliage. Selected as the “Most Beautiful Rose of the Century” at the International New Rose Competition in Lyon, this stunning and sturdy hybrid tea is sure to become as legendary as its namesake.


The German version of an English rose from the talented house of Tantau. An abundance of peonyformed pink blossoms arrive in small clusters on a handsome bushy compact plant. Fragrance is a powerful punch of old rose, citrus blossom & honey and is sure to seduce the faintest of heart.

Forever Yours™

This classic Hybrid Tea rose is very impressive through its ample bright red blooms, which display a rich second bloom. Perfect for superb flower arrangements. This variety has an upright growth habit. It is well-branched and has a wonderful decorative appearance in pots.

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