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Introducing My Bouquet® Roses

Elegant Blooms. Patio to Vase.

My Bouquet roses are the perfect, disease-resistant garden rose that provides instant impact to your patio or garden and a longer vase life than traditional varieties. These Flora-teas are fragrant, masterfully crafted hybrid tea flowers that can be used for borders, solitary planting, containers, patio pots or as a hedge. My Bouquet roses are easy to grow and feature velvety double flowers and dark green foliage.

Deja Blu

Dejá Blu™ flowers are deep mauve with magenta highlights, extremely fragrant and long stemmed. This well branched variety is nearly thornless and does extremely well in the summer rain and heat in all parts of the country.

Shirley's Bouquet

Named in honor of Shirley Staples, the face of Certified Roses for over 50 years, this fragrant Hybrid Tea exemplifies the best qualities of a white rose. Each shapely pure white blossom shines aboe an abundance of clean deep-green leaves. Illuminates the garden and makes an elegant statement in any vase.

Ring of Fire

This bushy plant is a bouquet making machine, giving armloads of flowers with each bloom cycle. Features big, round petals that slowly swirl open to unveil classic blue-ribbon winning form with deep colors of orange, coral and ginger beautifully displayed on a long sturdy stem.


Soft peach petals with a pale reverse slowly open on high-centered, fully double hybrid-tea blooms that are nearly 3-inches wide. This variety is the perfect size for a container or small-spaced garden!

First Impression

Subtle licorice scent and striking yellow flowers make this variety simply irresistible! Extremely disease-resistant variety with bright yellow, 3-inch blooms and dark green, glossy foliage.


Heavy blooming, pastel pink blooms with a perfect hybrid-tea form. Flawless is one of the best pink roses on the market today and is extremely disease-resistant with dark green, glossy foliage.


Appropriately named, this vigorous grower will produce an explosion of color in your yard and throughout your home! Striking orange-red blooms are 3-inches wide and complement the dark green, glossy foliage.

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